2018 Mobile Apps Releases

There are millions of applications on Google Play Store. At times, it can be difficult to look out for the best or right one. No matter what type of application you are looking for, there is always a huge choice. For now, there are many mobile applications which will be released in 2018, and if you use an Android device, here are the apps you can look up to.

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Amazon Kindle

Up till now, Amazon has been a good place for eBooks. And in 2018, Amazon Kindle will be released- it will let you sync your preferred books with your mobile phone, tablet and kindle. It is better to have everything rounded in one place and well organised for you. There are many features in Play Store for Kindle users. Some of the apps you can download right away are Moon+ Reader and Overdrive which help you borrow books from the online libraries.


If you have issues to remember passwords, then LastPass is the perfect application for you. This android application is a great password manager and locker which keeps your passwords at the safest. It is more like a master password which keeps you reassured. For instance, if you have an online gaming account, you can save your password and card details on your phone, so that it is easier for you to enjoy. Even better, if you play at Aspers Casino Online, it will be much simpler as the site can be accessed from your mobile phone itself, so you can just copy and paste the passwords.


For the moment, there are no messaging applications which have been able to match WhatsApp. However, Telegram is one alternative so far. It is a free application which comes with an end-to-end encryption. It has features like group chats and become a creator of chat bots. Up till now, Telegram is a fun messaging application for Android users and a top app which you can download on your mobile phone.


Thanks to its top looking interfaces and sensible layout, Morecast has become one of the favourite android weather applications. It is until now one of the most advanced applications which offers features on the side. This is one application you should have on your Android because it gives precise weather information and it is the best navigator for your phone.

Google Camera

The Google Camera application for Android users has been a revolution for many people as it presents a clean layout and easy controls. You can take lovely panoramic images by using the photo Sphere when using your android phone. This application offers many functions and allow users to see immersive images. You can use this application on any mobile phone, but the Nexus or Pixel sensors work much better.


One of the best music application for android users is Spotify, and you should not miss out on it. This device lets you access the music world. You can listen to your favourite music, albums and even create your own playlists. Once you’ve downloaded this application on your android device, the first thing you can do is to check a ready-made playlist that might suit your musical taste or mood. The unmatched sound quality will blow your mind.

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