5 Job Opportunities that Robotic Advancement Can Grab Away from You

It is widely believed that technological advancements are making more and more jobs available, which is something to rejoice at! However, the main criterion here is that these advancements need human brains for smooth and precise operation. So, what if the technology is already cloning human brains to make robots? Although these robots are designed to automate several tasks, they can render us totally jobless and obsolete. Their far-reaching scope can terribly influence the professional life of humans. In worst case scenario, there would be no professional life at all, if these robots are designed to take up all the tasks. Here are those fields where robots should not be allowed to enter!


Robots can overcome the need of pharmacists. This can be judged with the powerful invention of

ROBOT-Rx for medical dispensing activities such as selecting, storing, stocking, returning, and crediting. The overall work accuracy of this robot has reached 99.9% due to which the demand of pharmacist checking people has gone down by 90% as well as that of technician labor has been reduced by 72 percent. This is an alarming bell for all those who wish to survive in the pharmacy field.


A robot-like system known as BookBot has been put to work by the North Carolina University for its James Hunt Jr. Library, where most tasks are now done without the help of humans. It is actually an automated system for retrieval and storage, which aids students to search and take books from the shelves with the use of lasers. According to the latest statistics, this system has the power to store and manage over a million of items in a regulated environment as well as give away one of these items in five minutes after a click. What’s more to it is that the system requires much less space to operate; it needs only 11% of the total space needed by traditional shelving.


Since a past few years, the concept of automated car is gaining much hype. It all started with the driveless car of Google, which made the idea somewhat realistic although it was considered to be very far from the reality. This Google concept sparked motivation in California and Nevada due to which laws for operating such cars were recently endorsed. It is said that by 2040, there would be no need to apply for a driver’s license. Just a year back in first half of 2012, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles have out the first self-driving license to Toyota Prius.

Help Desk Workers

A mathematics professor has already come up with a robot that can act as a help desk employee virtually. This one is named as Eliza that is already trained to take on the job of such employees. The robot has proven its effectiveness in responding to phone calls, chats, and e-mails. Further, the robot can even have conversations, as it can talk in nine different languages about anything, ranging right from weather to solutions about technical issues.

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