5 Signs That You Should Invest In Fibre Broadband

Standard DSL Broadband customers in the UK will be pleased to know that the latest battle for fibre optic is on its way. Internet service providers are now delivering super-speed connection at a price premium. If you are considering signing up for fibre optic, here are the top 5 benefits of this type of broadband connection.

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Say goodbye to buffering

With millions of Internet users everywhere, no-one wants to watch a video on YouTube or elsewhere only to have it buffer for minutes on end. In fact, playing a 5-minute video may turn into half an hour. With fibre-optic’s gigabit speeds, you no longer waste your time. Imagine being able to download a full-length movie in HD within just a few minutes. The reason for the higher speed is due to the light that makes fibre optic signal. There is virtually no signal loss during transmission so data gets to move at a higher speed and greater distance.

The price is reasonable

Most ISPs offer low prices on fibre optic, no matter how many gigabytes you use. All you pay for is the initial installation fee and then a monthly payment. If you opt for a basic service, you will save even more money. Even low-income households can afford most broadband packages as providers have gone a long way forward making this service affordable for everyone.

Better online security

With fibre cable, you know your data is safe and secure. This is because it doesn’t radiate signals and is therefore extremely difficult to hack into. In the unlikely event that an attack happens, the cable light will cause the entire system to shut down. Fibre broadband networks also enable users to put all their hardware and electronic devices into one central location so instead of having several cables with equipment throughout your building; you will just have a central one.

Innovative design

Fibre is thin, lightweight, and much more durable than copper cable. If you wanted to get higher speeds with copper cable, you would need to use a higher grade of cable, which takes up more space. The pulling specifications of fibre are also up to ten times greater than copper cable. Thanks to its small size, it takes up less space and is simpler to test.

Educational applications

According to the recent research done by Teachers’ Association, students who have broadband connection at home tend to have a 10 per cent higher graduation rate than those without. As fibre optic service providers have made super-fast Internet connection available for low-income families, it means most students can afford to take advantage of studying with broadband at home. Studies have also shown that students with broadband connection watch less TV and do more studying online. This is why many universities across the country are introducing broadband to their classrooms. Science projects such as solar planet visualisation can be completed with ease and drama students can make use of 3-dimensional broadcasting thanks to the advent of broadband.

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