A Guide to Setting Up a WordPress Site

When you are thinking of setting up a website either for your business or just a hobby, the first platform you may come across is WordPress. It is the most popular website platform in the world and is loved by both complete beginners and experts in website development. People like WordPress because it has a simple content management system that allows people without much technical ability to maintain it and upload new content with ease.

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There are many different platforms out there that you may want to take a look at first but when you are starting off, WordPress users have access to free tutorials and guidance that other platform users will not. Also if you choose a paid hosting service, they will usually be able to provide you with technical support because they will be very familiar with WordPress. So if you know that you might need some help along the way then your best bet is probably going with WordPress.


Here are some tips and information that will help:


Domain – Every website requires a domain name, it is your unique web address that allows internet browsers to find your website. You can buy a domain name that is most relevant for your company or you can get a free domain but that will be a subdomain of the website company. In other words, it will not be short and snappy so will be much harder for people to remember. That is why most people choose to pay around £10 per year for their own domain instead.


Web hosting – Every website requires a hosting service as this is basically the server space that your website files are stored on. There are a range of different hosting plans, such as free hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting and many others. Free hosting is fairly limited in what you can do with your website, so if you are setting up a business website then you probably do not want to go down that route.


Shared hosting is fairly reasonable in terms of costs, as you share a server with other websites and everyone pays a proportion of the server costs. Dedicated hosting costs a lot more but has significant benefits, such as higher levels of performance, better security and more storage and bandwidth. If you are just starting up a fairly small website and do not expect large volumes of traffic then shared hosting is a great option.


Installation – Most hosts offer a one-click WordPress installation feature, which makes things really easy for you. From within your hosting account’s dashboard (or cPanel as you may see it referred as) you simply click on the icon for WordPress installation. You will then be guided through the next steps to add your domain and set up login details.


Theme – Once you have completed the installation phase, you can choose a theme for your site which is basically the template that will dictate what your website looks like. There are a number of free themes that you can select or if you want something more unique, you can pay for a premium theme. If you are creating a website for a hair salon for example, there will be themes already set up that you can use with appropriate layouts and images. Using a pre-designed theme will save you the hassle of worrying about how your website looks or what should go where.


You can get guidance on how to choose a theme and how to upload your content from a variety of online resources such as YouTube videos and guides. Once you have all of the content that you need, you are ready to publish your website and share it with the world!

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