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QHD: Do Android Fans Really Need it?

The next big thing in smartphones, it seems, is QHD. What is QHD? It stands for “Quad HD” and it’s four times the pixel density of a regular HD display using 720p. It’s only being used on one phone at the moment though: the LG G3. Critics think the display is a little overboard, but the company is confident that this is what users want. After all, the trend in phones is bigger, better, and more high-tech.   The Awesome Display   Let’s be honest: the screen is awesome. Read more [...]

Procuring the Endless Benefits Associated with the Universal Android Platform

Operating systems can be a hard nut to crack. Proper detailing has to be done in order to choose any system which latter becomes the core of the machine. The desirable features which a user would like his operating system software to have is the user friendliness which would enable him to look into the realms of his machine in a much better way making him feel at ease. a decade back the OS concept was strictly restricted to the desktop interfaces and platforms but now the situation is such that even Read more [...]

Gadgets That Will Transform Your Home Into A Smart Home

You may have a smartphone, but do you have a smart home? With smart technologies taking over as a new trend, transforming your home into a "smart home" has never been easier. With just an Internet connection and mobile devices, you can control each of the systems in your home from anywhere in the world. Here's a list of the gadgets and apps that you'll need to complete the high tech transformation:   #1: A Reliable Home Network The first step to transforming your home is establishing a Read more [...]

Is Your Choice of Car Going to be the Death of You?

Driving can be such a breeze today what with the latest car models equipped with the most advanced safety gear. And that’s not all because car owners and drivers can also rely on their mobile devices and certain applications to help them during their trips. Smartphone users, for instance, have various apps to choose from that can help them find gas stations that offer lower prices, track their child’s driving or provide alerts concerning their speed and directions. Some are free while the Read more [...]

Best Gadgets for Summer 2013

The summer of 2013 is coming and so is the opportunity for people to use new gadgets that enhance the lives they live. The summer gives people a chance to get outdoors and enjoy the wonderful weather. Bike riding is a particular activity that many people participate in during the warmer months. A new gadget to try on a long or short bike ride is the boomBottle. This handy wireless, portable speaker fits just right in a water bottle holder on a bicycle. This gadget is waterproof and well constructed. Read more [...]