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Setting Up a Home Studio

When you decide to set up a home studio it is a pretty big job that can get a little bit intimidating. You need to be sure to set up the space just right. Depending on whether or not it is just you or there will be other artists in the space, you may need to adjust your approach to the setup as well. Take some time to reflect on how the space will be used - for what purposes and by how many individuals – and that will inform you as to how to proceed with your home studio set up. What Will You Read more [...]

Wireless Communication May Be the Key to Restoring a Nation’s Unity

At a time when many international policy pundits and media commentators have written off the nation of Afghanistan as a sad and hopeless lost cause, many of its citizens are fighting to render this judgment null and void. A whole new breed of entrepreneurs, such as Afghan Wireless CEO Ehsan Bayat among a host of others, is returning to their war torn home land in order to play a vital part in restoring its ravaged infrastructure and communications network. While the task is a harsh one, they believe Read more [...]

Going Local: Successful Ways to Promote Your Community Event

Nothing is worse than holding a community event that no one shows up for. How do you prevent this PR nightmare? You have several options: Use Promotional Products Use promotional products, like custom playing cards, pens, ball caps, backpacks, and keychains. Choose items that you think people would use. For example, if you’re raising awareness about clean water scarcity, you might want to give away free water bottle filters capable of filtering non-potable water. Sure, it costs more than Read more [...]

How to Pick the Perfect Tripod for Your Needs

Whether you are a skilled professional cinematographer, a novice or a complete newbie, a tripod can be very helpful. It can assist with steadying a particular shot, or serve as support while you focus on other elements of the scene you are trying to capture. Whatever the case, you want to make sure that you have a quality tripod, and there are certain things that you should do to make sure that you pick the right option.   Do Your Research   Depending upon what images or video Read more [...]

QHD: Do Android Fans Really Need it?

The next big thing in smartphones, it seems, is QHD. What is QHD? It stands for “Quad HD” and it’s four times the pixel density of a regular HD display using 720p. It’s only being used on one phone at the moment though: the LG G3. Critics think the display is a little overboard, but the company is confident that this is what users want. After all, the trend in phones is bigger, better, and more high-tech.   The Awesome Display   Let’s be honest: the screen is awesome. Read more [...]

Barcode System Benefits: The Right Arm of Your Business

Barcoding systems make scanning easier and reduce the manpower needed to manage inventory systems. Here are some of the more common applications used in industry.   Inventory Control   One of the most important ways barcode systems help your company is by effectively and efficiently controlling inventory. Barcode systems all but eliminate manual data entry errors, and they reduce the amount of time needed to input inventory items. Knowing what you have, and where it is at all Read more [...]

How the Canon 5D Won Me Over

Recently, I sacrificed room in my luggage normally allocated to several pairs of shoes to accommodate the 3 cameras I decided to tote on a vacation to Rangamati, a beautiful place in Bangladesh. My husband thought I was nuts, but I was determined to capture breathtaking pictures. I wanted an opportunity to snap landscapes with several cameras so not to arrive back home disappointed at the way the photos turned out. The crazy lady with 3 cameras lugged a Nikon D700 , Nikon D3 and a Canon 5D camera Read more [...]

Procuring the Endless Benefits Associated with the Universal Android Platform

Operating systems can be a hard nut to crack. Proper detailing has to be done in order to choose any system which latter becomes the core of the machine. The desirable features which a user would like his operating system software to have is the user friendliness which would enable him to look into the realms of his machine in a much better way making him feel at ease. a decade back the OS concept was strictly restricted to the desktop interfaces and platforms but now the situation is such that even Read more [...]

Making Use of Language Translator Gadgets

Computer users will encounter the need for language translation sooner or later. Articles that need to be read may contain "foreign" words or written in a foreign language as a whole. Online communication may also require people to learn a thing or two about foreign languages and translation. Image: LivingOS' photostream What is Translation? Translation is essentially providing an equivalent meaning of a particular source language in another language. There is always a risk of providing Read more [...]

Latest update for HTC Radar users

The Taiwanese mobile maker HTC has left everyone gasped with the roll out of Windows Phone 7.8 update for HTC Radar smartphone. This new upgrade may have been a disappointing for the owners of this smartphone as the Finnish mobile maker Nokia started Windows update for their devices back in January. Originally, the HTC has started rolling out this upgrade back in January in some countries now it is turn for Indian mobile market. Well, the device has been launched in the month of October 2011. The Read more [...]