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Tips For Managing Your First Business

It’s incredibly difficult to manage a business that’s still in its infancy. When it becomes smooth sailing, you can afford to relax, but until then, you have to keep a tight ship. But how can you get things moving seamlessly and positively for the company? Results Come First Although there is no need to make yourself unpopular, results are the priority. Often, employee care benefits the business as a whole, but you aren’t there to just make friends, and you will have to make tough decisions Read more [...]

Three Mistakes that Small Business Owners should avoid

When you are just starting a small business, there are so many things that can derail you and cause you to fail. The people who are successful know how to avoid these pitfalls to keep their businesses afloat during those important early months in the life of any business. However, many small business owners do not know what to look for in terms of pitfalls. This can be dangerous because they may think everything is going fine, but in reality their business could be teetering on the edge of financial Read more [...]

Expertise to Help you Get the Most out of Your Technology Investment-Before, During and After Implementation

When’s the last time you actually read through the entire user manual for new software? Some experts estimate that about 90 percent of software features go unused—meaning that customers aren’t taking full advantage of their investment. Software isn’t cheap and budgets are tight, so you want to maximize your dollars by using your investment to its full potential. That begins before implementation and doesn’t end until after you’ve discontinued using a product. Research Thoroughly before Read more [...]

The Top 3 Myths About Moving to Digital Expenses

It’s natural for businesses to be reluctant to change, because change is linked to risk. It’s the reason that many finance departments will stick to tried and tested work methods unless a really strong case can be made to change. It’s something webexpenses has been putting forward for the past decade as we have passionately advocated the benefits of a cloud based digital solution when it comes to expenses management. It has allowed us to get a strong feel for some of the most common concerns Read more [...]