Is Your Choice of Car Going to be the Death of You?

Driving can be such a breeze today what with the latest car models equipped with the most advanced safety gear. And that’s not all because car owners and drivers can also rely on their mobile devices and certain applications to help them during their trips.

Smartphone users, for instance, have various apps to choose from that can help them find gas stations that offer lower prices, track their child’s driving or provide alerts concerning their speed and directions. Some are free while the others need to be purchased but only for a minimal fee. Here are some of them that you might find useful.

Trapster is a free app that tracks speed cameras, red-light cameras and live speed traps. It warns drivers through a voice alert if they go beyond the speed limit or if they are nearing a trap. This is best used when traveling in unfamiliar routes.

lets you find gas stations that offer cheap gas. For only $0.99, this app includes some 110,000 fuel stations in its database and provides information on the 10 nearest fuel stations and their prices. The prices offered are the same as those that supply the AAA and satellite companies.

My Max Speed 2.0 lets parents keep track of their child’s driving specifically their speed and location every five seconds. The goal of this app is to monitor a teenager’s driving habits and to give an accurate record. It also has the ability to provide a history of the teen’s location and send a message if the phone which uses the app goes out of its location perimeter.

TripAlyzer assists drivers in terms of fuel efficiency. It analyzes a person’s driving habits, calculates the efficiency of his fuel usage and the amount spent on gas and announces this info through a voice alert . This iPhone app can also show the speed, distance, direction, carbon footprint and the time spent idling.

Find out below what cars are dangerous to drive so you would know what to avoid the next time you purchase a vehicle.

Is Your Choice Of Car Going To Be The Death Of You?
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