Best Gadgets for Summer 2013

iphone 5The summer of 2013 is coming and so is the opportunity for people to use new gadgets that enhance the lives they live.

The summer gives people a chance to get outdoors and enjoy the wonderful weather. Bike riding is a particular activity that many people participate in during the warmer months. A new gadget to try on a long or short bike ride is the boomBottle. This handy wireless, portable speaker fits just right in a water bottle holder on a bicycle. This gadget is waterproof and well constructed. It has the ability to connect to an iPod or phone via Bluetooth technology and gives the listener around 10 hours of listening pleasure. The unit will also act as a speakerphone as it has a built-in microphone.

Strolling around the beach or local park is another summer activity that can be enjoyed more fully by using this second gadget. A bone conduction headphone is a new way to listen to music. This headphone speaker sits in front of the ears and vibrates music into a person’s skull. This design allows a listener to hear both music playing out of the headphones and ambient noise that’s present in the surrounding area. They’re definitely a new way to enjoy music and pay attention to what’s happening around a person.

Another new gadget to try out this summer is the gTar. People who pick up this instrument will have a wider smile on their face than Simba from the Lion King. The gTar is a computer powered guitar that is designed to make the guitar playing experience easier for beginning enthusiasts and provide a new take on the instrument for professional musicians. This guitar has the ability to allow the user to record jam sessions and even take lessons via the computer interface. It’s a new take on the guitar and should provide aspiring musicians with an excellent way to make new music.

Swimmers will appreciate the Instabeat gadget when they dip in the water this summer. The Instabeat is a small gadget that straps onto a pair of swim goggles. It’s waterproof and has a sensor on it that monitors a person’s heart rate, breaths, number of swimming laps and even flip turns. It also contains a small light that glows green, blue or red. The color of the light is dependent upon the current heartbeat of the swimmer. Athletic water lovers will appreciate the functions of this gadget during their workouts of 2013.

The last gadget that’s destined to be a top hit for the summer of 2013 is the ZBoard. This electric skateboard gives a user momentum without having to push off on the ground. If the skateboarder wants to go forward, they simply lean forward to propel the zBoard ahead. To stop, a skateboarder leans back and the unit comes to a stop. There will definitely be some new tricks performed on this exciting gadget.

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