The Best Google Analytic Apps For Your Smartphone

The ability to obtain accurate analytics on any website is an absolute must in this day and age. While there are many analytics tools out there, Google Analytics remains one of the most popular. Thanks to mobile applications on Android and iOS, you can access that data from anywhere. Here are the top mobile Google Analytics front ends currently available.


Fast Analytics

Some analytics apps try to pack in every imaginable feature while forgetting to consider the end user experience. Fast Analytics is not one of those apps. It’s clean, uncluttered interface makes viewing multiple Google Analytics accounts on an iPhone or an iPad a breeze. Traffic sources, visit lengths and more are available at a moment’s notice.


Analytics Pro

If you need more than basic functionality from your analytics app, Analytics Pro is a fantastic choice. It allows you to graph traffic data, export reports to PDF and view your dashboard in landscape or portrait mode. Quite possibly the most versatile analytics app around, it’s worth every penny of its $5.99 price tag.



For Android users who want a nice middle of the road analytics monitor, gAnalytics is tough to beat. Free to install and use, it reports all the usual metrics like raw traffic, traffic sources and bounce rates. More importantly, its simple, easy to read charts and graphs give you exactly what you’re looking for and nothing more.



Published by Magma Mobile Apps, DroidAnalytics is regarded as one of the best Android analytics programs on the market. Like its competitors, it’ll show you all the relevant data you’re looking for on any site like page views, traffic sources and the like. Where DroidAnalytics truly shines is the visualization department, mostly due to its advanced graphing capabilities.


Mobile GA

Much like gAnalytics, Mobile GA delivers free analytics functionality to Android users without a lot of fanfare or fuss. With this app, you’ll get insights into your page views, basic but reliable traffic source maps and plenty of customization options. In addition, the development company behind Mobile GA offers plenty of analytics tips and guidance on their website.


Different Strokes for Different Folks

Each of these apps is a fine tool in its own right. The correct one for you is really a matter of personal preference. Screen shots and feature lists only go so far when it comes to conveying a user experience. You’ll just have to try each option and decide for yourself.

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