How To Increase The Efficiency Of Your Call Center

If you are the owner of a call center, or a business that relies on the services of one, you should already be aware of some of the potential trouble spots that can crop up from time to time. These are weak spots that can be remedied without much trouble or expenditure of resources, provided that they are correctly diagnosed and eliminated in time.

Don’t Keep Your Customer Waiting To Connect With Your Reps

Perhaps the worst and most dreaded words that a customer who calls your service line can hear are, “Please hold. A representative will be with you shortly.” This is an immediate indicator to the caller that their issue is one that will take longer to resolve than they expected (or wished). As a result, a call center rep that takes their time in handling the concerns of the customer will incur a great deal of resentment if they are seen to be not treating that customer’s concerns with the seriousness that they deserve.

How To Solve The “Long Hold” Issue 

The easiest way to solve the “long hold” issue is to simply organize the activities of your staff in a much more time effective manner. For example, if there are files on their computer that need to be pulled up in order for them to access solutions to the problems that customers are reporting, the solution may require a serious overhaul of the organizing system in place on your company server. 

Another solution might involve upgrading all of the call center software that you are currently making use of in your office. It may be obsolete, or simply riddled with a host of errors that may be too time consuming to address individually. In the meantime, you may also wish to streamline your reps’ call handling procedures in order to insure that they are able to address the concerns of each caller in a timely and productive manner.

Don’t Bounce Your Callers Around From Rep To Rep

Another leading complaint that people who contact call center services have is that they tend to be bounced around from rep to rep while trying to have their concerns or complaints seen to. This is a technique that comes off as extremely unprofessional, insulting, and time consuming. It may be a necessity in some call centers to do this because not every rep has the same skill set in order to solve all of the various issues that the caller may raise.

How To Solve The Revolving Rep Issue

In order to keep your customers from feeling that they are inside of a revolving door, being bounced around from rep to rep, it’s an excellent idea to cross train your employees so that they can deal with multiple issues that the caller may present to them. In this fashion, your rep can more easily settle the caller’s complaints, and quickly move on to the next one. Cross training call center employees in order to increase their efficiency and productivity is an excellent way to keep operations running smoothly.

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