Land Rover Discovery III

The Land Rover Discovery III, released in 2004, has been voted as the best used 4X4 by customers of Land Rover itself. This SUV, packed with performance-enhancing technologies, large cargo areas, and luxuriously-styled components, has survived for almost a decade as one of Land Rover’s greatest achievements in terms of practicality and durability where it counts the most. The following is a break-down of the Land Rover Discovery III’s best features.

With a 2.7 liter V6 – 4.4 liter V8 engine, depending on the model purchased, coupled with a 6-speed automatic transmission, this 5-door SUV is capable of producing 195 HP with a fuel economy of 19.6 MPG. The Land Rover Discovery III is definitely intended for off-road use and is capable of hauling any trailer or RV behind it. Compact enough to still look elegant on the road and large enough to fit the whole family while towing virtually anything, the Land Rover Discovery III is the perfect size.
The Land Rover Discovery III is equipped with enough cargo room to house even the most frustrating objects, such as furniture or sporting equipment. With foldable rear seats, the Land Rover Discovery III features a rear cargo area that measures 44” wide, 53” long, and 41” tall. While the ceiling height varies in parts of the vehicle and is limited in the very back due to the physical height of the rear door, the Land Rover Discovery III is definitely big enough for anything that needs hauling, whether it is groceries or luggage.
While entertainment packages may vary from vehicle to vehicle, all Discovery IIIs since 2007 have had an entertainment package available which consists of rear-facing monitors in both of the two front seats. These monitors can be used to display movies to children or other passengers via the vehicle’s Harman Kardon speaker system or independently via included headphones.
Built like a Humvee, yet decked out with comfortable seating arrangements in mind, the Land Rover Discovery III, the most sought after SUV’s among other luxury 4wds brings a lifestyle to family life while withstanding any off-road conditions that it may find itself in. Elegantly painted with silver and black, the Discovery III features heated seats, tinted windows, and a suspension-based “kneeling” feature that allows the entire vehicle to come closer to the ground in order to make entry and loading easier. The kneeling feature can also be used to raise the vehicle up higher than usual during off-road conditions in order to provide the driver with more ground clearance.

With rain-sensing windshield wipers and automatic headlights that turn the driver’s high beams on when it gets dark, while switching to low beams when the vehicle senses oncoming traffic, the Discovery III was one of the first of its kind to feature advanced technologies such as these. An onboard navigation system, accessible via an 8” touch screen monitor on the dashboard also doesn’t hurt, allowing the driver to know where he/she is at all times while finding where they need to be in mere seconds.
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