Marketing on Instagram and How to Boost Your Online Presence

Instagram, which was formerly a mobile check-in app named Burbn, has made great strides since its inception. Although the app was initially designed as a search-and-discover service similar to Foursquare, today Instagram is a photo and video sharing app as well as a social networking platform used by millions of people around the world.

Due to Instagram’s massive success, it is now considered one of the primary apps for online marketing. But how can you utilize Instagram’s potential for online marketing? Read on to find out four tips on how to turn your Instagram account into an excellent marketing tool for your brand.

Upload Regularly on Instagram

A website with exceptional content has the ability to attract numerous visitors. However, great content alone does not guarantee a myriad of visitors. If your website’s content is stagnant, whether or not the quality is good, your website will not have returning visitors nor will it acquire new ones. This holds true for your Instagram account as well as your other social media platforms.

Keep your followers intrigued by posting as often as possible. Uploading posts regularly on your Instagram account will keep your followers captivated and desire to see more content. If you are not constantly posting new photos and videos, your current followers will eventually lose interest and will unfollow your account.

Upload Interesting and Relevant Posts

Don’t post just anything on your Instagram account. Make sure that whatever you plan on posting is both interesting and relevant.

It is not always necessary to upload original posts. It is acceptable to upload or repurpose content from other accounts as long as they are engaging and related to your own posts. However, always make sure that you give the proper credit and do not try to pass something off as original if it is not.

Be Creative with your Posts

Bland photos and videos do not work well when trying to connect with your existing followers. They are also unappealing when trying to acquire new followers. Be creative when taking photographs. Remember that dull advertisements are less effective than clever ones, which you need in order to leave a lasting impression on your followers.

Use photo apps to help you create engaging posts. There are many that you can try for free on Google’s Play Store and the iOS App Store such as SnapSeed or Instagram’s Layout.

Engage and Empower Your Followers

Celebrities who take the time to interact with their fans usually receive positive publicity. You are a celebrity in your own right with your followers on your Instagram account. Always find the time to reply to comments posted by other users. Remember to highlight the ones that stand out as well. Also, empower followers to interact with your account by having them utilize one hashtag that defines your brand.


These tips will help in organically turning your Instagram account into a strong marketing channel for your brand. However, you can always use paid assistance in growing your brand via Instagram through services such as Vibbi, which offers assistance that will help develop and maintain a credible Instagram presence.

In the end, what matters is that you are able to expand your social media popularity.

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