personalizing your stuff – let your creative side show

There are many different things you can do with your devices in order to personalize them. From getting skins and cases that are personalized to your individual tastes, to the way that you arrange the apps on the home-screen, you can really set your phone apart from others as well as fine tune it to your tastes, in many different ways.

When you bundle your apps onto one group, like you can with the iPhone, it makes navigation much easier. Rather than having to scroll through endless alphabetized screens in order to find your app, you can head right into the group you placed it in and pull it up. You can organize your apps by productivity, games, technology, books, music, extras, system, as well as use emojis to name your collections. If you want to take it a step further and add a design element to your screen, you can color coordinate your apps, creating blocks of one color or a rainbow.

When it comes to cases and skins, many companies offer completely customizable options for you to browse through. You can put your name, company name, photo of your family, of your dog, of yourself, on your case. There are varying degrees of protection offered by cases, from the thin silicone case that’s used for better grip to the ones you could run over with your car (think of it like putting your baby in an extremely safe car seat) and could withstand a war. Depending on your use, and recklessness, will depend on how bulky you want your phone to be.

With a small assortment of preprogrammed ringtones and sounds, its not uncommon for us to react to others phones ringing with that excited burst of “where’s my phone?!” adrenaline. We share many of the same tones and rings as others around us despite having the option to customize them. There are plenty of apps that will help you create your own ringtones so that you will always know when it’s your phone and when it’s someone else’s. While choosing well known songs might eventually annoy your coworkers, if you choose certain songs for certain people, then you know exactly whose calls to pick up (as well as who to ignore.). This is handy if you have a job that involves using your cellphone for work, as it will be easier for you to differentiate between clients and those who stand within your inner circle.

With technology expanding as fast as it does there will always be new ways to improve and customize your devices. One of the most recent trends is natural wood based cases. Although beautiful these cases might be more prone to cracking as well as serving for more aesthetic purposes than protection. A great choice if you are someone who doesn’t take your phone out often or works in an office building rather than a woodshop. With so many options out there, do something different from the rest and customize that case and those ringtones!

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