Procuring the Endless Benefits Associated with the Universal Android Platform

Operating systems can be a hard nut to crack. Proper detailing has to be done in order to choose any system which latter becomes the core of the machine. The desirable features which a user would like his operating system software to have is the user friendliness which would enable him to look into the realms of his machine in a much better way making him feel at ease. a decade back the OS concept was strictly restricted to the desktop interfaces and platforms but now the situation is such that even the mobile phone users look to choose their platforms with care. These requirements have forced our advanced scientific brains to explore into deeper horizons and devise newer mobile based platforms quite effectively. Out of the many choices, the android based platform, till date has gathered the most hits as it has the best connectivity features associated with the smart phone technology. This technology has Linux as its building block and within the very few years of its introduction, has outdone the popularity of the Symbian based software. The foremost reason for android’s popularity is its high compatibility with the touch based interfaces.


The android platform was founded by the android, inc. with huge backing from Google. This was later dissolved and all the rights pertaining to android were taken up by the Google. The system has gained immense popularity as it was the first common mobile platform been developed lending the features to variety of manufacturers. This happens to be a open source system where coding can be done in a variety of platforms but the provisions of making the changes in the directory has been restricted. Till date, the maximum number of sets has android accessibility attached to them.

Battery Consumption

This mobile platform consumes enormous amounts of battery and the reasons for this being the feature exclusively available in android which aims at keeping the applications in dormant state rather than killing them down. These applications do keep on running in the background and will be active when called for. Android allows auto application killing when the battery amount goes down to critical proportions.


This platform combines the concepts of direct manipulation with those of intelligent interfaces. Over the years android technology has evolved in several aspects including the APIs. The versions have been upgraded to large extents and with each up gradation the properties and user handling increases considerably. This platform allows home screen boot and all the present applications associated with them can be availed from the Google store for android.


The excessive inclination on this mobile platform has allowed several enthusiasts to try out their coding prowess in this field. This operating system associated with many smart phones of the modern era has taken the world by storm. The properties of swiping and pinching which earlier were myths came up as real options. This platform is an intelligent one and is capable of miming the useful characters of other operating systems.

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