QHD: Do Android Fans Really Need it?

The next big thing in smartphones, it seems, is QHD. What is QHD? It stands for “Quad HD” and it’s four times the pixel density of a regular HD display using 720p. It’s only being used on one phone at the moment though: the LG G3. Critics think the display is a little overboard, but the company is confident that this is what users want. After all, the trend in phones is bigger, better, and more high-tech.


The Awesome Display


Let’s be honest: the screen is awesome. At 2K, it’s by far the highest resolution anyone’s ever seen in a phone. Specifically, its 2560 x 1440 resolution blows even the iPhone out of the water. The display isn’t quite as good as the new 4K T.V.s, but even those aren’t widely used these days yet. But, they should become more common and, as they do, it’s likely that the resolution for smartphones will increase.




What’s the practicality of a phone screen resolution that’s better than what the eye can discern? Low, if you ask any of LG’s critics. There’s just no need for a resolution of this kind. But, maybe there is. What most people don’t think of is the transition to “mobile as a T.V.” phenomenon.


With smartphones being basically a mini-computer, they can download and retain large video files. They can also throw those videos up on the big screen. A higher resolution will help eek out as much as the T.V. can handle. Of course, if the resolution on the T.V. is less than the phone, it’s not going to help much. But, as T.V. resolutions become better, people watching to stream video from their phone or tablet are going to love the higher-resolution devices.


For example, let’s say you download the Vuze Torrent Downloader for your Android device. The Vuze mobile client lets you search for torrents, and download them, right to your phone. (Just remember to make sure you don’t infringe on copyrights.) But, if you’re downloading videos on the fly, you probably don’t want to watch them on such a small screen if you have access to a real T.V.


And, there’s plenty of ways to stream video from your Android device to a T.V. The only thing lacking is the screen resolution – until now.


What Users Want In Functionality


Users want flexibility in design. Products like LG’s new G3 may be a little forward-looking, but that’s what people said about Jobs’ iPhone. Often it’s product developers that can see the future of what users will want, even before many users know themselves. A larger screen resolution may or may not be an immediate hit, but it’ll eventually win the day.


Was This the Right Move?


LG thinks so, and it’s not alone. Fans waiting for the device are excited about the prospect of having the latest in screen resolution. As mobile screens get larger, and as users become more demanding of the technology being produced by mobile device makers, this may prove to be one of the smartest investments LG has ever made.


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