Simple Tips To Improve Your Website

clipRunning a website is no easy feat. From landing pages through to deciding what makes your site engage with customers, it can be difficult to know what some of the simplest yet most effective ways of improving your site can be.

The key point to any good website is not only engaging customers, but making them want to come back again. After all, brand loyalty is invaluable and once you have a solid base of customers who trust you, you can be sure that they will return.

You need to be able to offer them what they want – after all, Internet users are now in power. They can choose what they want to buy, how they want to buy it and often even manipulate how much they pay through effective searching and comparisons of various websites.

So, what can you do to stand out from the crowd?

–          Compelling Content

Content is probably the most important core element of your site. By engaging with your site by regularly writing up interesting and compelling content you are likely to encourage people to share with others.

This not only bumps up the chance of other people coming to your site, a spike in traffic, but it also shows that you are a source of material they are interested in. If someone isn’t automatically ready to purchase a product that your blog page or content pages link to, they may come back another time and decide they want to.

Giving out great content on your site is like giving out freebies – everybody loves freebies! It engages, encourages and promotes. All three of these are what your site needs to thrive. If you aren’t already harnessing the power of content for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes, you should definitely be looking into it for attracting new customers.

–          Optimization

As we just mentioned, content is great for optimizing a site. This simply means that the right techniques and methods have been put in place in order for search engines, such as Google, to want to rank you better due to you being an ‘authority’ figure for your niche.

Say you sell shoes aimed at teen girls, a good blog with a lot of regularly updated posts on fashion, celebrities and trends will draw in people to the site, encourage them to buy the products you are featuring on your posts as well as creating the chance for your content to be shared an infinite amount of times. Search engines will look at how many people are linking to your content and see that you are a relevant place to point people searching for ‘teenagers fashionable shoes’, for example.

By getting a basic but sound knowledge on what works in terms of SEO, you can create not only organic, but powerful and targeted traffic to your website. Using methods such as A/B split or multivariate testing can be a great way to optimize your site design for better results once the traffic flows in.

–          Good site design

So, you have your brand and you have your design. But what exactly can make the difference between an okay looking website and a great one? Testing.

Many people don’t realize that looking good isn’t the be all and end all of how successful your site will be. There are many other factors that are a little more scientific that can affect the conversion rates of leads turning into sales.

As we mentioned, both A/B split and multivariate data testing are ways of analyzing various elements of a website to see what a specific outcome is. For instance, your banner linking to a sales page might be clicked on more if it is colored in pink rather than yellow.

–         Easy to use

This links in with having good site design. Keep in mind what your visitors want and make it easy for them to find it!

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