Sony Xperia Z- Attractive, Elegant And Smart!


images (17)If you are the one who love clever, smart and graceful things than Sony Xperia Z is best for you. With its Smart phone Display, HDR videos and slim design, it’s making its way into the market. The demand of Sony Xperia Z is increasing day by day in the market due to its amazing features. There are rumors that with Sony Xperia Z Sony have “Reinvented the phone”.


Sony Xperia Z has much more features than Xperia T and Xperia S. Some of them are:
Its Screen, Yessss, the screen of Xperia Z is just extraordinary, with 1080 graphics, Sharpness filter and more colors.
The touch screen of Xperia Z is more reflective and have less resistance than the previous ones in the series.
It has 13 Megapixel Camera with the same technology used in Sony professional cameras which made its quality better than its predecessors.
In Xperiz Z, Sony has introduced it’s new Omnibalance design which mainly focuses on stability and regularity.
Still not impressed??? Then listen, Its water resistance up to 1 meter. Ooh yes, Sony Xperia Z is water and dust resistance and keep your phone safe and sound.
Sony introduces One touch connectivity in Sony Xperia Z. Which means now there is no more need for cables, wires and settings.
It has a Quad core processor of 1.5 GHz along with 2GB ram which makes it even faster.
For gaming lovers Sony Xperia Z is just striking. You can play 3D games with high quality games and browse the web efficiently.


There are some flaws found in Xperia Z which are:
There is a problem with its big screen. It looks odd when we compare it with HTC one and Samsung Galaxy S III.
The main problem is coming with Security bypass.
Some of the handsets dropping dead, which showed that Sony did not learn from its past mistakes.


As a Whole, Sony Xperia Z is performing quite well in the market. It’s faster, quicker and clever among all the ones present in the market.

Though HTC one and Samsung Galaxy SIII are the main competitors of Sony Xperia Z, and you can say that Samsung Galaxy is some what better than both, But with the competition of HTC one and other smart phones available in the market, the Sony Xperia Z is surely above all of them. So if you still don’t have it, Order right now and have fun.


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