Tablet Accessories for Connecting To A TV

 Whether you own an Android tablet, an iPad, a Microsoft Surface or another tablet that runs Windows 8 or Windows RT, you have probably thought how nice it would be to connect your mobile device to your LED TV and play HD games on a 50-inch screen. You may also have thought about watching movies that you purchase via Netflix or another media streaming service on your television instead of your tablet display and it is possible to do this and much more with the accessories that can be found for sale online.

The particular accessory that you should buy will depend on the type of tablet and TV that you own and whether you are looking for a wireless or wired solution. Generally speaking, buying some type of cable that enables you to plug your tablet straight into your television will be the cheapest option whilst gadgets that make it possible to stream films to your TV without any cables will be the most expensive.

Android and Windows tablets

Tablets such as the Microsoft Surface and many Android devices feature a micro HDMI port. All you need in order to connect such devices to your television (assuming that it is a modern HD set) is a micro to standard HDMI cable. These can be picked up online very cheaply. If you are worried about the quality of the cable you buy or whether it will carry the audio signal as well as video, you can pay a little extra and invest in a proprietary cable that is sold by the manufacturer of your particular tablet. However, all good HDMI cables should carry both digital audio and video signals without any difficulties.

If you are looking for a wireless solution and you own a Windows or Android tablet that is DLNA certified, you may well be able to stream content to your LCD TV straight from your tablet. For this to be possible, your television will also need to be DLNA certified. You can check with the relevant manufacturers to see whether this is the case or not. For televisions that are not, adapters can be purchased.


Love them or hate them, one thing that cannot be denied is that Apple have made it much harder than it ought to be to connect their wildly popular mobile devices to external displays such as high definition televisions. Actually, I should rephrase that opening statement: they haven’t so much made it hard to do as more expensive. By using a proprietary 30-pin connector in the first 3 generations of iPad and now the lightning connector, they have ensured that anybody who wishes to connect their device to a TV will have to pay more for the pleasure than if they owned a comparable Android or Windows tablet. If you buy your cable from an official store, you can expect to pay up to eight times as much as you would for a micro to standard HDMI cable, depending on where in the world you live.

The best wireless solution for iPad owners is not cheap either but it is a fantastic accessory that will turn your tablet into a high definition media streaming device with ease. One of the biggest complaints about Apple TV over the years has been the limited amount of applications that support the AirPlay protocols it uses. However, because as an iPad owner you can choose to mirror the display of your tablet on your LCD TV, it does not matter whether the apps that you are using support these protocols or not because whatever is playing on your iPad will be replicated on the big screen of your digital television.

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