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What you need to know about whois – why web privacy matters

Let’s say you already have a custom domain – a website ready for marketing efforts and now you’re looking to register your domain. Out of nowhere the term private registration pops up. What is it and why does it matter? Private registration is a crucial step in ensuring that your website, customers, and ultimately your business is secure. By the end of this post, you’ll know why you can’t skip this option. Private registration, in a nutshell, protects your businesses’ and your personal Read more [...]

Movavi Video Converter for Mac Review

Thinking about converting some videos that you’re having trouble playing on your Mac or some other device? With so many different types of video formats out there nowadays it can be tough to find the right format for a particular device, let alone the optimal video settings to use. Because converting videos can be such a complicated and frustrating process, Movavi Video Converter for Mac is a much-welcomed alternative. Essentially it will help you to convert any and all video files to any format Read more [...]

Unique Ways to Use Twitter

Do you love Twitter, but you don’t feel like you’re getting as much out of it as you could? While sending out the right type of content is important, some of the biggest Twitter tips include arranging your lists to work for you. When you think of Twitter as another way to network, you can make the platform a big business tool. 1. Trying to keep your staff straight? Create a Twitter list that does double duty as a staff directory. Then, share it with the rest of your staff so they can all stay Read more [...]

Going Local: Successful Ways to Promote Your Community Event

Nothing is worse than holding a community event that no one shows up for. How do you prevent this PR nightmare? You have several options: Use Promotional Products Use promotional products, like custom playing cards, pens, ball caps, backpacks, and keychains. Choose items that you think people would use. For example, if you’re raising awareness about clean water scarcity, you might want to give away free water bottle filters capable of filtering non-potable water. Sure, it costs more than Read more [...]

Three Internet Marketing Strategies To Help Grow Your International Business

Business owners who run international companies are typically interested in identifying and implementing growth strategies that will improve their bottom line and conversion rates. If this is the case for you, you may be overlooking one of the simplest and most effective growth strategies out there: internet marketing. Here are three of many internet marketing strategies you can implement to optimize your business's sphere of influence: 1. Use Social Media. The phrase "social media optimization" Read more [...]

A Look at Awesome Data Centers

Data centers hold the servers for the storage and protection of data as well as other related services offered by web service providers. They are found in strategic locations away from the threat of human intervention and natural calamities. It is interesting to note that the awesome data centers we see today actually trace their beginnings from a small computer center. These data centers are making it possible for computer users to have the kind of access to information they are currently enjoying. Read more [...]