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5 Signs That You Should Invest In Fibre Broadband

Standard DSL Broadband customers in the UK will be pleased to know that the latest battle for fibre optic is on its way. Internet service providers are now delivering super-speed connection at a price premium. If you are considering signing up for fibre optic, here are the top 5 benefits of this type of broadband connection. Say goodbye to buffering With millions of Internet users everywhere, no-one wants to watch a video on YouTube or elsewhere only to have it buffer for minutes on end. In fact, Read more [...]

How the Canon 5D Won Me Over

Recently, I sacrificed room in my luggage normally allocated to several pairs of shoes to accommodate the 3 cameras I decided to tote on a vacation to Rangamati, a beautiful place in Bangladesh. My husband thought I was nuts, but I was determined to capture breathtaking pictures. I wanted an opportunity to snap landscapes with several cameras so not to arrive back home disappointed at the way the photos turned out. The crazy lady with 3 cameras lugged a Nikon D700 , Nikon D3 and a Canon 5D camera Read more [...]

Tablet Accessories for Connecting To A TV

 Whether you own an Android tablet, an iPad, a Microsoft Surface or another tablet that runs Windows 8 or Windows RT, you have probably thought how nice it would be to connect your mobile device to your LED TV and play HD games on a 50-inch screen. You may also have thought about watching movies that you purchase via Netflix or another media streaming service on your television instead of your tablet display and it is possible to do this and much more with the accessories that can be found for Read more [...]