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Getting Email Communication Right: 6 Useful Tips

Email is one of the more frequent ways businesses interact with staff and customers in this current day and age. Communicating this way has key benefits. Not only is it fast, dependable and robust but it also enables people to send across key files, meaning projects and their subsequent developments, can be seen in real time as they’re being worked on. But there’s also a huge downside to email communication within a business that can sometimes even turn out to be downright damaging. Spam is Read more [...]

A Look at Awesome Data Centers

Data centers hold the servers for the storage and protection of data as well as other related services offered by web service providers. They are found in strategic locations away from the threat of human intervention and natural calamities. It is interesting to note that the awesome data centers we see today actually trace their beginnings from a small computer center. These data centers are making it possible for computer users to have the kind of access to information they are currently enjoying. Read more [...]