Top 5 Apps For Business Security

When you run a business, security is of course one of the most important things you need to keep in check. Not only is the security of your premises important, but keeping all of your sensitive details and documents safe is also crucial – after all, if they get into the wrong hands who knows what they could be used for.

The same applies for smartphones. Many business owners use them as a key tool to stay connected to their business via phone, message, email or the Internet. There are many apps that you can use as security tools, which many people are unaware of. We’ve picked out 5 of the best that you should start using so that you can be assured security isn’t something you need to worry about.

secure emailSecure Email

This app is perfect for anyone on the go who needs constant access to their email. Offering powerful encryption as well as tracking of emails, large file transfer support and offering great compliance services with existing email addresses it allows users to manage the policies required for email securities right from their device. 

The key feature of this app, however, is the ability to create secure messages – guaranteed. Other email services or web based hosting can’t offer you the protection you need. Allowing easy access to messages and composition, you can track read emails as well as file attachment information. All this is available without the risk of having to store sensitive data on your device which could be compromised.

secureEYESecure EYE

When you can’t be there in person, you can feel protected knowing that access to your DVR security systems are at the click of a button. Allowing you to keep a virtual ‘eye’ on your office of work premises from your smartphone, this is helpful for any business owner who is regularly out of the office.

In the unfortunate event that something should go wrong at work, this app allows you to easily access the video that may be crucial in finding a resolution or providing footage to Police. If you have to be a little bit underhand and keep an eye on suspicious staff behaviour, this will allow you to see any off goings on when you’re out of sight.

secureDSSecurDS for iPhone

If you work in banking, law, medicine, e-Commerce or any other sectors where data is super sensitive it can be important to be able to sign PDF’s and documents digitally. This will allow your documents to be considered “hand signed”, or as good as, in the eyes of the law.

Electronic signing and PKCS12 certificates are all individually unique and provides the user or recipient of the document proof that the document is authentic and in turn, who the verifier is. Digitally signed documents cannot be tampered with as all remnants of attempted manipulations will render the signature invalid.

This is also a great green initiative as it means less printing and scanning of hand signed and manually filled out documents.

securomobileSecuro Mobile PRO

This app is great for certifying images with a time. For business owners, if an accident occurs or you come up with an idea that someone decides to run off with, by using Securo Mobile you have proof on your smartphone that you took the image at a specific time. This is also great for insurance companies.

All images are stamped with a timestamp* that are completely verifiable and can’t be edited. The data, once on your phone, cannot be changed so you can prove exactly what you need to. Best of all, the app, at £1.49, comes with  10 stamped images. You can then go ahead and purchase more from within the app itself.

(*Certification Authority in the European Union Trusted Lists of Certification Providers in compliance with the EU Directive 1999/93/EC, the standard RFC-3161 and ETSI TS 102 023.)


Your smartphone can be great for writing down quick memos, pin numbers, credit card details and client information. However, if your phone gets stolen – you could be in for a world of trouble. This app is a virtual lock and key and lets you create notes that you know no one else can access.

With AES encryption, you can be certain that unless someone knows your password, they are not going to find out what’s inside. Notes remain encrypted and can also be organised into folders, making it a great organisational tool as well as a secure way to store sensitive data.


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