Wireless Communication May Be the Key to Restoring a Nation’s Unity

At a time when many international policy pundits and media commentators have written off the nation of Afghanistan as a sad and hopeless lost cause, many of its citizens are fighting to render this judgment null and void. A whole new breed of entrepreneurs, such as Afghan Wireless CEO Ehsan Bayat among a host of others, is returning to their war torn home land in order to play a vital part in restoring its ravaged infrastructure and communications network. While the task is a harsh one, they believe it can be achieved.

Restoring The Unity Of Afghanistan Is The Prelude To Its Resurgence

This new generation of business professionals and entrepreneurs is firm in its belief that restoring the unity of Afghanistan is the prelude to its resurgence. To achieve this noble goal, a number of pressing problems must first be solved so that a new series of corrective measures can be undertaken. To begin with, there is the obvious problem represented by the host of warring tribal factions, many of whom are allied with dark forces emanating from other parts of the world. 

Native Business Professionals Are Playing Their Part In The Struggle

While such a task is obviously far beyond the power of civilian business professionals to solve on their own, it is nonetheless true that the activity that they are undertaking is vital in restoring the necessary unity and coherence that the country will need in order to one day regain its place as a proud member of the community of nations. Building up a solid, reliable communications network is an excellent way to spread a timely message of progress and prosperity to all corners of the country. 

Using The Power Of Wireless Communication To Spread A Message Of Hope

Bringing this message to the people means exposing them to a whole new alternative world view. This is the method by which the new class of native born entrepreneurs are hoping to share with the Afghan nation. Fighting against repression, reaction, and barbarism is not a task for naive children. It certainly will not be completed in a neat, tidy time frame. Fighting back against tyranny by proposing an alternative lifestyle of free enterprise is a long term project that may take years to bear fruit.

What The Formation Of A Wireless Network Can Do For The Country

Many people may be reading this article and wondering to themselves just what the formation of a wireless network in Afghanistan can really do to help improve social, cultural, and economic conditions in this country. The answer is as clear as it is simple: A wireless network can not only restore communications between people in all sectors of the nation, but it can also encourage the growth of commercial activity. The sooner this occurs, the sooner that normality is restored. 

As a new renaissance of business spreads throughout the land, this will also encourage an influx of much needed capital into the country via entrepreneurs in other lands who will be more willing to do business in Afghanistan once they see that conditions there have dramatically improved. As a result, the importance of establishing a wireless communications network in the country becomes much more apparent with each passing day.

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